Good people with small town care and service.

Cupertino Plumbing does the work and stands behind it: that’s the real story. They’ve done several services for me. They replaced the water line into the house that had a leak in it. This house was built in ’56 or ’57 and they came out and did the job with no problems. They never had a comeback on it.

We had some other things going on in the back bathroom here. They came in and replaced the shower on/off pull, which had been in the house since we moved in in ’66. They did very well. They we had them come out and change the regulator on the house because we weren’t getting constant and steady water pressure.

All of the things they have done or have worked on have been fine. We have had no comebacks and no problems. It’s probably been fifteen years that we’ve been using their service. There are two things: First, you have people. When I call on the phone and Carol answers, she knows who I am and she’ll get a guy right out.

It’s always the same guy who comes. I can sit there and talk to him while he’s doing the work. We’ll yak back and forth and I’ll answer questions. He works like heck, which is why I’m glad I’m not doing the work. He really builds a sweat up working.

The second thing is that it’s going to be fixed. Whatever crisis there will be if there is one, I know he will take care of it and get back to me as soon as he gets the part. It’s a very dedicated small town crew: a crew you can count on. They’ll always take care of you. It’s as if you’ve been living together and bumping into each other around town for a long time.

I grew up in a small town in Ohio and this is just like the local plumber there. I appreciate that I can count on them at any time or any place and they’ll take care of me. They’re good people and I think they hire good people.