For many of us, we grew up with the privilege of effective and reliable sewer lines and plumbing. But it wasn’t always like that. In the 19th century, the distribution and processing of drinking water and wastewater was both intertwined, and inadequate, and led to constant contamination. The threat of disease and plague was a very real issue that affected (and killed) a lot of people all over the country, and cholera was one of the worst ones. Caused by ingesting contaminated water, cholera outbreaks killed millions all over the world, and over 150,000 people in America during this time.

This horrible decimation by disease (as well the important connections made between contaminated water and disease) lead to fundamental changes in our municipal sewer systems, like the installation of contained piped water supply, and eventually, combined sewer systems that used early sanitation methods to sanitize drinking water, as well is limit the toxicity of waste water. The methods slowly progressed and developed into the expansive sewer line system that runs through our homes and neighborhoods today, the sewer lines system that rely on everytime we flush.

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Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Services

As much as you might not want to think about it, these issues could potentially strike your home and sewer system, at any time. And if they do, your home could be stuck without reliable sewer lines and functional plumbing. Instead of experimenting with a return to the 19th century, or risking a potential outbreak of cholera (just kidding) give Cupertino Plumbing a call. Our plumbing technicians are as dedicated as they are experienced in providing effective and reliable sewer line repair and replacement services all over the San Jose area. Keep reading to learn just a few of our service features that set us apart from the rest when it comes to taking care of your sewer.

Sewer Repair Services from Cupertino Plumbing

Your sewer lines are what makes your toilets flush, your drains drain, and honestly, what makes your world go ‘round sometimes. So why take any risk on their effective functionality? If you have a broken toilet or a clogged drain, it’s pretty disconcerting to not have functional access to them. That’s where Cupertino Plumbing comes in. We have over 40 years of experience, providing quality plumbing services to good folks all around the San Jose area. Whether it’s a clogged sewer line, a stinky sewage smell, or even some gurgling noises from your drain that are concerning, our team of plumbing specialists can help. Give us a call today and see how Cupertino Plumbing can help you today.

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Oily Deposits

One source of wastewater that moves through our home’s sewer line is from our kitchen sink. Regardless of how cognisant you are of limiting grease going down your drain, if you cook and clean dishes in that sink, you will simply have oily substances like fat and grease get into your sewer pipes. These types of substances cling to pipe walls and edges, and when they accumulate over time, they can constrict the flow of wastewater. Foriegn objects can also get stuck in these grease depostic, further impeding proper drainage, and potentially leading to clogged lines.

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Clogs and Blockages

It’s pretty easy to recognize when your sewer system has a clog or blockage. Whether it’s a toilet that won’t flush, wastewater backing up out of your drain, or gurgling sounds emitting from the drain, a clog is one of the most common problems you can have with your sewer line. Clogs and blockages can be particularly difficult to track, as they can occur in the main, or secondary lines of your sewer system; luckily, our plumbing technicians at Cupertino Plumbing utilize fiber optic camera technology to find exactly where the blockages are.

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Tree Root Infestation

Thankfully, your sewer lines run in a network under the ground, underneath your home’s foundation and your yard. However, there is a large network of tree and plant roots that run underneath your property as well, and these two underground networks can potentially collide, with some unfortunate consequences. Invasive tree roots are constantly in search of moisture, so even the smallest crack or fissure in a sewer line will attract invasive tree roots, and make any small crack, a bigger issue.

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Pipe Corrosion

If you think about it, your sewer pipe lines are able to withstand a number of gross, toxic, and downright corrosive substances that are funneled through them on a daily basis. But after a period of time and consistent use, even the best sewer pipes can start to corrode. With a fairly constant flow of corrosive liquid, grooves and gullies can start to appear, which weakens sewer line pipe walls, and leaves them very susceptible to breaking or cracking.

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Professional and Reliable Plumbers

First and foremost, our team of professional plumbers are our biggest asset to providing effective sewer services. In addition to being fully licensed, bonded, and insured, Cupertino Plumbing has a longstanding reputation of providing reliable and effective sewer repair services, and that comes down to our teams of experienced and trustworthy plumbing specialists. You can learn more about our story here, so you can understand a bit more about why we have been San Jose’s trusted plumber for over 40 years now.

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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

When you think of a sewer line repair or replacement, you might have a scary image in your head of huge trenches on your property and massive mounds of dirt covering your beautiful yard. But with advances in modern technology, we now have access to incredible trenchless technology, that makes trenches and a torn up yard a thing of the past. Our plumbing experts can provide quality trenchless sewer replacement services, using a variety of techniques that limit any surface disturbance, and displace the least amount of dirt possible. This ensures that we can provide the effective sewer replacement or repair service that you need, while getting your yard looking back to normal as soon as possible!

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Fiber Optic Camera Inspection

Like you may have learned about clogs and blockages from the sections above, clogs can be particularly difficult to deal with as their exact location is difficult to pinpoint. With our fiber optic camera inspection services, we can feed a small cable with a camera at the end through your sewer line, and find exactly where the clog is, and what the clog is made up of. This ensures that any sewer repair or replacement service we provide is done right the first time, and as efficiently as possible. Click here to learn more about our fiber optic camera inspections services!


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We had Cupertino Plumbing replace all of our old galvanized and cast iron drain pipes, along with installing a new water heater and two new toilets. We are very happy with the work they did. It was a major multi-day project that required cutting holes in walls and ceilings. They were pleasant, professional, and responsive. Everything works great now, and the places where they patched the walls and ceilings look nice. A really good job. We definitely will call them for any future plumbing work.

Terry Johnson


This is a fantastic company (Cupertino Plumbing), I received excellent service from Mario. We texted back and forth on various questions I had regarding my kitchen water filter system and the airgap line for my dishwasher; he was always responsive. My previous plumber walked into our home without putting on booties and was unorganized, but Mario always put booties on his shoes which I appreciated, he was knowledgeable, organized, did very high quality work, communicates well, smiled a lot and was happy, and is now my go to guy for all future plumbing needs. Mario is best plumber I’ve known.

Jim Kuehnis


Cupertino Plumbing just replumbed our whole house and rebuilt our drainage system. They were efficient, communicative, and timely every day and went to great lengths to keep things clean and tidy. Every afternoon they would set expectations about the next day and every day they did what they say they would do which we very much appreciated. For big plumbing jobs they quality of workmanship and service can’t be beat.

Maggi Oberson


Cupertino Plumbing is not the cheapest out there. They are on the competitive or expensive side. The reason to call them is for their outstanding professionalism, and the fact that they have a lot of people who can be there really soon when you need them.


Happy Customer


Very good company. You can’t go wrong using this plumbing company for all your plumbing needs. No job too small. Their years of experience are very helpful in problem solving.

Pauline Brady

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A rare instance of a plumbing company that is organized and acts very professionally. They take your calls promptly, follow-up, make sure to send you the best technician for your problem. Strong recommendation from me!

Matthaeus Krenn

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