The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the place where family and friends gather. The place you spend time baking with your kids, and the room in the home that is always full of life. For these reasons, the kitchen design truly matters. While other rooms of the home can have minimal design, the kitchen is one you should put more thought into.

Every last detail matters in the design of your kitchen. From the backsplash to the kitchen sink, every aspect can add to the overall style of your kitchen. One feature that often gets overlooked when choosing the design of your kitchen is the plumbing fixtures, such as the faucet. The faucet may seem like a minuscule detail, but the design elements it can add to your kitchen is quite the opposite.

While we may not be design experts, we do offer professional kitchen and bath remodeling services, utilizing some of the top brands that can help you get the look you want for your home. If you are redesigning your kitchen, be sure to stop by The Plumbing Bank at Cupertino Plumbing to find the kitchen fixtures you need to enhance the style of the most important room in your home.

At Cupertino Plumbing, we can help you find the perfect plumbing fixtures for your home and offer the plumbing services you need. We also proudly offer a variety of kitchen and bath remodeling services, including installation of kitchen features. Stop by our showroom or contact us to learn more about our plumbing services. In this blog, we are going to talk about how to choose the perfect kitchen fixtures. Read on to learn more!

Existing Design

If you are considering a kitchen and bath remodeling services, you have to consider your existing kitchen design.  If you are simply upgrading your faucet while keeping everything else in your kitchen the same, you will have to make sure that your new faucet is the same design as your current one. By this, we mean that it needs to be the same amount of handles. If you have a faucet with a handle on each side, you will need to pick a new one in the same style. If you have a faucet with the handle attached to the spout, you will likely have one or two holes in your counter for the faucet and sprayer, meaning you will need to pick the same style.
If you want a new style completely, a full kitchen and bath remodeling service may be necessary. Or, if you are already planning a full remodel, you will not have to worry about the existing style. You will be able to choose the style you want.

Sink Size

When choosing your new faucet, you will also have to think about the sink size. Faucet spouts have a wide variety of height and reach, which makes it important to consider the size of your sink and the area around your sink when picking a new faucet. If you have a three-bowl kitchen sink, you will want a faucet with more reach so that it can extend to each bowl. If you have a shelf above your sink, you will want to make sure the faucet is not too tall. Having a small faucet with a large sink can also look off and take away from the design of your kitchen remodel.

Match With Other Fixtures

Throughout your entire kitchen, there are many different fixtures and features that you should consider when considering a kitchen and bath remodeling service; one of the more obvious ones is your faucet. Picking a faucet that matches with the other fixtures and appliances in your kitchen can help add to the overall style. Again, if you are remodeling your kitchen completely, you can simply pick out all new fixtures that match with each other. If you are only upgrading your faucet, you will want to make sure it matches towel racks, cabinet hardware, drawer handles, and other fixtures throughout your kitchen. When you match all of these aspects of your kitchen together during a kitchen remodel service, the overall design will come together better.

Consider Finish

Some finishes are better than others and offer different benefits. Depending on what benefits you want from your faucet, your choice of finish may change. Of course, as we already mentioned, you will want to match the finish with that of your other kitchen fixtures, but if you are remodeling your entire kitchen, you will have more of a choice.

If you are looking for a finish that is easy to clean and durable, chrome is a great choice. Chrome is one of the easiest finishes to clean, which makes it a popular option. Nickel finishes are often labeled “stainless steel,” “brushed,” or “satin.” These finishes have a dull shine and are durable. However, they are more prone to fingerprints and water spots, which make them more difficult to clean. A bronze finish has a brownish tone. The surface of bronze fixtures is a coating (often epoxy) rather than metal. The coating is tough, but it can also chip or scratch more easily than metal. While each of these finishes offers its own benefits, one is likely better for your home than others.

Handle Style

If you have the option of choosing between how many handles you want your faucet to have, we suggest choosing a single handle. While two handles can be stylish and a great choice for your kitchen, a single handle has different advantages. Water temperature adjustment is simpler with one handle, they are easier to clean, and they can often be more convenient. However, they may not add as much style as two handles can, since two handles can often be more unique and come in different looks.

Sprayer Style

If you are remodeling your entire kitchen, you will be able to select any sprayer style you want. If you are simply upgrading your faucet, you will have to stick with what you have, since many old faucet styles had the sprayer separate, adding another hole to the counter. However, the new style is a pull-down sprayer. This type of sprayer is often more reliable and convenient than side sprayers. If you have a choice between the two, we suggest going with the pull-down sprayer.

Kitchen Style

Finally, as you go through the process of choosing your new faucet, you will want to think about the overall style of your kitchen. Do you have a traditional style kitchen? Or is your kitchen more modern? Should you consider a full-on kitchen and bath remodeling service, like the ones we offer at Cupertino Plumbing? You will want to find a set of features that match with the style of your kitchen and home, pulling it all together.

Hopefully, this helped you get a better idea of how to choose the right faucet for your kitchen. Be sure to stop by The Plumbing Bank at Cupertino Plumbing to find the right faucet and other plumbing fixtures for your home. Our team can help you find what you are looking for and provide you with any plumbing services, or kitchen and bath remodeling services. Contact us today to learn more!