In the modern era, we are privileged enough to have consistent and reliable access to hot water in our homes. It’s a luxury to have potable water circulation in our homes regardless, but we are also lucky enough to have complete control over the temperature as well. With the flick of a handle, we can have gallons of piping hot water circulate almost immediately to our shower or kitchen sink, ready to use for cleaning or washing. Thanks to a variety of water heater models and methods, we can efficiently provide hot water circulation throughout our homes whenever we need it. But what happens when your water isn’t so hot? What happens when your water heater won’t work at all? That reliable access to hot water is not so reliable and we certainly will notice it. Instead of worrying about what you are going to do, call your trusted local plumber. Cupertino Plumbing has been providing reliable HVAC and plumbing services to San Jose and the surrounding areas, including reliable water heater inspection, repair, and replacement services. Keep reading to learn more about these services, and how Cupertino Plumbing can serve you!


While the first water heater attempt left a little bit to be desired, it inspired the innovation of storage tank-type gas water heaters, and the current water heater systems that are a little more self-sufficient, as well as safe and efficient. Nowadays, a storage tank water heater system is quite common in a variety of homes, and with modern innovations, we even have tankless water heaters, usings a piping system that resembles the first water heater models more, but obviously with some pretty effective modern modifications. Whatever type of water heater you may have in your home, it’s a critical appliance that you use every day, and in order to maintain the consistent and reliable access that modern water heater systems provide, might require inspections, service, or replacement. Keep reading to learn more about types of water heaters and how Cupertino Plumbing can provide you with effective water heater services.