Restoring and repairing pipes to improve water quality

Regardless of the material used in your plumbing pipes, it will eventually wear out. Re-piping is a plumbing repair process that replaces all of your old plumbing pipes with new ones, restoring their integrity and improving the quality of your water. If you are experiencing problems with your water pressure or water quality, contact Cupertino Plumbing for an evaluation to determine whether you may need re-piping. We offer comprehensive plumbing repair in San Jose, including toilet repair, electric and gas water heater repair, and emergency services.

Benefits of Copper Repiping

The two most common materials used in modern day re-piping are copper and plastic. Copper piping has long been used in the plumbing industry because of its versatility and function, making it a beneficial choice for your residential or commercial plumbing needs.

  • Copper is rigid therefore more durable than plastic — this metal is able to suit a wide variety of plumbing needs, yet it is durable enough to last for decades.
  • Unlike most plastics, copper is resistant to UV rays. Plastics will degrade over time when used in outdoor plumbing applications, while copper can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Copper resists corrosion and is inhospitable to bacterial growth, making it a healthy choice for your plumbing needs.
  • Unlike plastic plumbing pipes, copper pipes are recyclable at the end of their lifetime, making the re-piping process one that is also eco-friendly.
  • Cupertino Plumbing only uses USA made type L copper, which is seamless and comes with a 50-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The Steps of Re-Piping

While re-piping only replaces your plumbing pipes, it can be a great time to consider upgrading your plumbing fixtures as well for the best results. The re-piping process is a straightforward one:

  1. First, discuss your water problems with a professional plumber to determine whether re-piping is the solution you need.
  2. Next, your plumber will provide you with any special instructions and an estimate of how long the project will take. Most re-piping projects can be completed in one to two days to minimize inconvenience.
  3. If your plumbing layout will remain the same, our plumbers will remove the old pipes and install the new ones.
  4. Once the pipes are installed, they will be flushed and tested for integrity. Any necessary adjustments can be made at this time.
  5. The final step in re-piping is the repair of any walls or floors that were removed to access your plumbing during removal and installation.

You may need copper re-piping if:

  • You are experiencing low water pressure
  • Your water is rust or yellow-colored
  • Leaks are a common problem for you
  • Your pipes are made of galvanized steel or PVC

Leak Detection Services

When you need re-piping, that need might come after a pipe leak has already caused massive amounts of damage to your home. And you shouldn’t have to wait until a small problem becomes a bigger (and more expensive) problem to deal with it. Cupertino Plumbing in San Jose also offers quality leak detection services. We use top-of-the-line leak detection technology to find exactly where a small leak might be in your pipe system, before more damage is caused and so that we can detect the potential leak and fix the issue. Instead of pressing your ear to the wall and trying to hear water drops, let a professional with leak detection tech pinpoint where a potential leak might be, and stop the potential leak damage before it’s too late.

At Cupertino Plumbing, we are dedicated to helping you make the right choice when it comes to plumbing repair and re-piping in San Jose and surrounding areas. We are always looking for qualified and skilled plumbing technicians to join our team — please call us at (408)-253-0618 to find out more about our plumbing repair services and our open plumber positions.