Diagnosing plumbing problems is just as important as diagnosing an illness or injury. Video camera inspections ensure you and your plumber can select the right solution to eliminate the problem you are experiencing, from clogs and backups that affect home drainage to poor water pressure and high utility bills. Cupertino Plumbing is pleased to offer a video inspection of your home’s pipes, drains, and sewer line to quickly find the cause of plumbing issues and develop smarter solutions. Our plumbers near San Jose will provide you with a flash drive containing the inspection results so you can keep this valuable information for your own future reference.

How Camera Inspections Improve Plumbing Services

Before the development of fiber optic camera technology, the inside of your plumbing pipes was inaccessible without causing significant damage to your home and your plumbing. The use of camera inspections allows your plumbers to accurately visualize the interior of every pipe and drain to determine the reason for your plumbing problem for a fast and effective resolution, without the need to access the pipes directly.

  • Addressing the clogs responsible for drainage backups is easiest with the right tools. Finding the location and makeup of a clog via video inspection can guide your plumber to use the right drain cleaning technique the first time for faster service.
  • Knowing the condition of older pipes can help your plumber determine whether an option such as hydro-jetting or complete repiping will be better for your home over the long term. Video inspection gives your plumber exactly the knowledge he needs to recommend the right service based on your needs, budget, and other preferences.

The Benefits of a Physical Record

When you call your San Jose plumber for a video inspection of your plumbing, you’ll receive a flash drive with the results when the service has been completed. This physical record can offer you many benefits, including:

  • The knowledge that your plumber is being honest with you about the condition of your pipes and the repairs needed.
  • A record that you can provide to potential buyers of your home to prove the condition of your plumbing.
  • Information that may help you receive compensation for repairs, based on your homeowners’ insurance.
  • The details needed for faster service in the future if your plumbing issue isn’t urgent and you decide to wait to make an upgrade or change.

If you are experiencing leaks or drainage issues in your home, Cupertino Plumbing can help by performing a thorough camera plumbing inspection and providing you with a digital record of our findings. Please call 408) 253-0618 for more information or to speak with an experienced local plumber.