If you suspect that you have a leak in your home or business, then Cupertino Plumbing has the team of professionals to help you put your worries at ease. We take a detail-oriented approach to help us discover leaks in even the most difficult-to-reach spots. We can help discover major problems that might be hiding inside your very walls – before they present major issues. By using our decades of plumbing experience, we can equip your property for lasting success through our effective leak detection services.

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Stop Leaks Early With the Plumbers Santa Clara County Trusts

Some plumbing problems are easy to spot. After all, it can be hard to miss a bursting pipe, a flooding building, or a clogged toilet. However, some aren’t quite as apparent as that. Some problems can even hide in plain sight, or behind the very walls of your residence. The unfortunate truth is that leak detection can happen anywhere, even if you don’t notice it.


Maybe you won’t notice your leak problem immediately, but the truth is that it likely won’t take long for you to notice their effects. Undetected leaks can have annoying results like strange smells, but they can also have serious impacts on your property. You might find that your water bill increases or that your walls start to deteriorate. In worst case scenarios, even the smallest leaks can become major risks that threaten the structural integrity of your property altogether if you don’t do something about them.


You’re not helpless if you find that your home might have some undetected leaks, however. Even if you’ve noticed only the slightest signs that you might have a leak somewhere in your property, it’s essential to get help from experts who know what to do. The professionals at Cupertino Plumbing are the team you need to provide thorough, comprehensive, and non-invasive inspections to determine where you have leaks in your property and identify what to do about them. We work fast to prevent your property’s leaks from ever getting out of hand with dependable, long-lasting plumbing solutions. 

Plumbers Palo Alto Has Depended On For 50 Years

At Cupertino Plumbing, we’ve seen it all. We’re no strangers to the plumbing industry. We’ve been serving our Santa Clara County neighbors for half a century, with thousands of satisfied reviews to show for it. We’ve done a little bit of everything over the years, such that there’s no plumbing problem too large or small for our team of professionals to handle. We’re always upfront, honest, and courteous in the work we do, priding ourselves on total transparency and dependability in all services we perform. Perhaps it’s no wonder that we’ve maintained a solid A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau over the years.

Trustworthy Experts For All Your Plumbing Needs

When you think you might have a leak, we’re the ones to call. We do more than leak detection, however. For three generations and counting, we’ve served our community with a full slate of plumbing solutions. We can help with everything from plumbing repairs and replacements to last-minute emergency plumbing services.

No matter what you need, we’ll be there for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us and see the services we offer firsthand.

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We had Cupertino Plumbing replace all of our old galvanized and cast iron drain pipes, along with installing a new water heater and two new toilets. We are very happy with the work they did. It was a major multi-day project that required cutting holes in walls and ceilings. They were pleasant, professional, and responsive. Everything works great now, and the places where they patched the walls and ceilings look nice. A really good job. We definitely will call them for any future plumbing work.

Terry Johnson


This is a fantastic company (Cupertino Plumbing), I received excellent service from Mario. We texted back and forth on various questions I had regarding my kitchen water filter system and the airgap line for my dishwasher; he was always responsive. My previous plumber walked into our home without putting on booties and was unorganized, but Mario always put booties on his shoes which I appreciated, he was knowledgeable, organized, did very high quality work, communicates well, smiled a lot and was happy, and is now my go to guy for all future plumbing needs. Mario is best plumber I’ve known.

Jim Kuehnis


Cupertino Plumbing just replumbed our whole house and rebuilt our drainage system. They were efficient, communicative, and timely every day and went to great lengths to keep things clean and tidy. Every afternoon they would set expectations about the next day and every day they did what they say they would do which we very much appreciated. For big plumbing jobs they quality of workmanship and service can’t be beat.

Maggi Oberson


Cupertino Plumbing is not the cheapest out there. They are on the competitive or expensive side. The reason to call them is for their outstanding professionalism, and the fact that they have a lot of people who can be there really soon when you need them.


Happy Customer


Very good company. You can’t go wrong using this plumbing company for all your plumbing needs. No job too small. Their years of experience are very helpful in problem solving.

Pauline Brady

Happy Customer


A rare instance of a plumbing company that is organized and acts very professionally. They take your calls promptly, follow-up, make sure to send you the best technician for your problem. Strong recommendation from me!

Matthaeus Krenn

Happy Customer

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