Whether you love to cook or simply just enjoy eating, the kitchen is an important room in just about every household. This is a space where friends and family come together and where you likely spend a good portion of your day. Because the kitchen is so heavily used, it sees a lot of wear and tear and the flaws become very apparent.

Kitchen remodels can help breathe new life into this space in your home and allow you to create the kitchen you truly want. Whether you want a kitchen with bigger, more workable space, or you want to change the style completely, a kitchen remodel could be a great option for you.

When it comes to remodeling and redesigning your kitchen, there are many things you need to consider and tips to follow in order to create the perfect and most functional kitchen. At Cupertino Plumbing, we are not just full-service plumbers! We also offer kitchen remodeling services and can help you design the kitchen of your dreams. Our team wanted to give you some tips and things to consider when remodeling your kitchen. Read on to learn more and start planning your new space today!

Consider The Flaws

When you start planning your kitchen remodel, you will want to consider your current kitchen and the flaws. What bothers you about the current layout? What do you wish was different in the current space? Do you wish there were more shelves? Do you want to change the current layout of the counter space? Maybe you just wish the kitchen was bigger. Whatever it may be, the flaws of your current kitchen can help inspire the new design. When you invest in remodeling services, you certainly don’t want to make your kitchen the exact same as it currently is. Finding the flaws or the areas that you dislike in your kitchen can help you know where to get started in your kitchen remodeling plans.

Think About Ergonomics

The usability of your kitchen and how efficiently and effectively you can work and cook in it is important to consider when remodeling this space. Since your kitchen is such a heavily used room in your home, the ergonomics of it are extremely important. Pull-out shelves in the base cabinets, large spaces between counters, and more counter space can help to make your kitchen more usable and accessible to everyone.

If you are growing older and beginning to have trouble bending over to use the oven or reaching the top shelves of a cabinet, consider these tips in your kitchen remodel to make it more ergonomic. Switch to a wall oven rather than a range oven, this will help make it simpler to use the oven, even as you grow older. Being able to use your entire kitchen with ease is important and something to consider when planning a remodel.

Make Storage a Priority

Storage is extremely important in a kitchen. There is really no such thing as too much storage, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Having more storage can help you keep your kitchen better organized and less cluttered. You can space your dishes out more, have a special drawer for your food storage containers, and rid your counters of the excessive clutter. The more storage, the better! Invest in cabinets that reach the ceiling; while you may need a stepladder to reach the top shelves, you can store all of your kitchen items this way, and keep this space well organized.

Kitchen organizational tip: Store items you use daily on lower shelves or in base cabinets for easy access. Use top shelves for items you use once a year or very rarely, such as holiday dishes, decorative platters, and fine China.

The Island’s Function

If you have an island in your kitchen or want to add one in the remodel, think about what function you want it to serve. Do you want it to simply be used as extra storage space? Do you want to add the range to the island to give you more space on surrounding counters? Maybe you want to add an additional sink to the island to use as a prep area while cooking. An island is a great addition to a kitchen and can give you a ton of extra counter and storage space. You can also add an island that gives you an extra seating area, allowing you to add stools to this area and utilize the space more.

Choose Quality

As you remodel your kitchen, it can be tempting to choose the more affordable choices, whether it is flooring, appliances, countertops, or cabinetry. Bargain options may seem like a great choice, but in the long run, you will want to choose quality products that will last longer and keep your kitchen looking beautiful. Real hardwood floors, solid-surface countertops, and appliances with longer warranty periods can improve the look of your kitchen and ensure that you won’t have to replace anything for a while. These quality items will also remain beautiful no matter how much use they see. Investing in better products is the best option when remodeling your kitchen and increases the value of your home.

Keep The Guts the Same

When remodeling your kitchen, it can be tempting to completely start from scratch and change everything. But if you are trying to stick to a budget, keeping the guts of the kitchen the same is important. By this, we mean to keep the plumbing, electrical outlets, and gas lines in the same location. When you change the location of these features, your remodeling job will become expensive very quickly. Even knocking down walls can become pricey, although this is a common change to make in a kitchen and can really open the space up. Keep your sinks and appliances in the same locations and work around them. You can still greatly improve your kitchen and create a space you love without making drastic changes.

Use a Professional

It can be tempting to do your kitchen remodels yourself. Yes, it can be fun and make you feel empowered and filled with pride. But if you have a full-time job or even just a schedule that seems hectic, doing your own remodels can be a horrible idea. You may demolish your kitchen only to have your schedule become busier than usual, leaving you with a destroyed room and unusable space. When you do a remodel job on your own, it may take a lot longer than you originally thought, which is extremely inconvenient. Not to mention, you may run into issues or cause more problems by attempting to do the job yourself.

Hiring a professional to do your kitchen remodel will save you time and stress. You can sit back and worry about your daily schedule while we worry about your kitchen remodel. When you work with Cupertino Plumbing for your remodeling services, you can expect an efficient and quality job. Working with a professional means that the job will be done right the first time.

As you start planning your kitchen remodeling job, be sure to follow these tips. They can help you design a better, more functional kitchen that you will absolutely love. Work with our team at Cupertino Plumbing for a quality remodel. You can also stop by our showroom to choose kitchen plumbing fixtures for your new kitchen! Contact us today to learn more and start working on your kitchen remodel.