Every day, we see new forms of technology being implemented into our day to day lives. Whether it’s the rise of self driving cars or the fact that there is a smartphone app for almost any service you could think of, the progression and effectiveness of technology is improving every day. All types of industries and businesses are using it to improve their products, services, or both, and the wide world of plumbing is just one area also experiencing this technological wave. Cupertino Plumbing is proudly on the cutting edge of these technological plumbing advancements, and our fiber optic camera inspection services is just one example. Keep reading to learn more about this offering, and how Cupertino Plumbing can help you!

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Fiber Optic Camera Inspections for Your Drain or Sewer

When it comes to using fiber optic camera technology for your drain or sewer line, the experts at Cupertino Plumbing are committed to using every possible tool to ensure that we get the job done the right way, the first time, as quickly as possible. Keep reading to learn how we use this technology for our plumbing services.

Why Use Fiber Optic Cameras for Plumbing?

The quality of a lot of different services can really depend on how much is known before any work even starts. Fiber optic cameras are very useful for getting eyes on a space that would normally be almost impossible to view normally, and this is also the case for fiber optic camera plumbing inspections. Diagnosing plumbing problems is just as important as diagnosing an illness or injury, and the more that is known before real work starts, the better. 

The use of camera inspections allows our plumbers to accurately visualize the interior of every pipe and drain to determine the reason for your plumbing problem for a fast and effective resolution, without the need to access the pipes directly. Fiber optic camera inspections ensure our plumbing experts can select the right solution to eliminate the problem you are experiencing, from clogs and backups that affect home drainage to poor water pressure and high utility bills. This minimizes the cost and duration of the drain and sewer services we provide, as well as increasing the effectiveness, and ensuring a first-time solution. 

How Our Fiber Optic Camera Inspections Work

  • When you use a fiber optic camera inspection on your drain or sewer lines, we will find the easiest and least-invasive location and manner with which to feed the fiber optic cable into the drain system.
  • Our plumbing expert will inspect the interior of the pipe or drain in question, and look for the clog, as well as the makeup and density of the clogged matter. They will also look for any potential cracks or structural issues.
  • Based on what our plumbing expert sees regarding the condition of your pipe and sewer interior, they will determine on what option will be best for you. This could be hydro-jetting to simply remove caked on gunk, or a complete repiping that will be better in the long term.
  • We will provide you with a flash drive that shows video of the entire inspection as well after the service has been completed. This ensures your trust in our plumbing team being honest with you about the condition of your piping, as well as a record for future real estate and homeowners insurance needs.
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Fiber Optic Camera Inspections from Cupertino Plumbing

At Cupertino Plumbing, we are dedicated to providing the most effective and efficient service possible to all of our clients. Our use of fiber optic camera inspections for your drain or sewer system is just one of the many tools we have in our arsenal to serve you to the best of our ability. 

Cupertino Plumbing has been proudly providing high-quality plumbing and HVAC services to San Jose and the surrounding areas for almost 40 years. We offer a variety of plumbing services, including repiping, sewer repair and replacement, and trenchless sewer line services. Give us a call today and see how we can start providing our plumbing expertise to your home and property. Call now!

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Line Technology

There are a number of ways to use trenchless sewer and water line technology, and a number of situations where it is the right troubleshooting tool for the job. And the variety of technologies, methods, and their usefulness might make it the right tool for every job. But what exactly makes trenchless tech so great? 


Optical Fibers

To understand fiber optic cameras, and how Cupertino Plumbing can utilize this technology to expedite and improve our service on your drain or sewer, you should probably understand optical fiber technology first. Essentially discovered by an Indian-American physicist named Narinder Singh Kapany, optical fiber is an alternative to metal wiring, and uses fiber made of silica or plastic, not much thicker than a human hair, to transfer electricity, light, or data over short distances. The fibers are preferred for a variety of uses, because of their minimal signal loss and an immunity to electromagnetic interference. In the case of a fiber optic camera, the fibers are bundled together, and are especially effective for carrying light/images in and out of a confined space.

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Fiber Optic Cameras

When it comes to applying this optical fiber technology, the uses are truly endless, as more and more applications for it are discovered every day. One of the more common applications is in fiber optic cameras. Also known as a “fiberscope”, this piece of technology allows us to get a visual inside extremely small or difficult-to-reach places. The camera utilizes the flexibility and efficiency of optical fibers in a condensed bundle fed through a cable with magnification eyepiece on the end. The cable bundle allows for an effective transfer of light, both into and out of the small space, while the actual image is captured by a magnifying eyepiece and then transferred through a combination of microlenses for our viewing. The light transferred out of the small space is the video-like image the magnification eyepiece picks up and shows to us, while the light transferred into the space creates the light reflections that the magnification eyepiece picks up.

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Fiber Optic Camera Applications

The inner workings of optical fiber and fiber optic camera technology might seem a little complicated, but the applications of this technology are endless. In addition to allowing our team of plumbers at Cupertino Plumbing to properly inspect the interior of your sewer and plumbing lines, fiber optic cameras are used in a variety of other industries to visually inspect too-small spaces. The most common of these applications is for medical procedures, like arthroscopies, colonoscopies, endoscopies, and pretty much any medical procedure with the suffix “-scopy”; doctors use them to as non-invasively as possible inspect the organ or joint in question. Fiber optic cameras are also utilized by locksmiths to inspect the position of pins inside of locks; certain police, military,  and investigative agencies also use them to check underneath doors or for use in covert surveillance

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We had Cupertino Plumbing replace all of our old galvanized and cast iron drain pipes, along with installing a new water heater and two new toilets. We are very happy with the work they did. It was a major multi-day project that required cutting holes in walls and ceilings. They were pleasant, professional, and responsive. Everything works great now, and the places where they patched the walls and ceilings look nice. A really good job. We definitely will call them for any future plumbing work.

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This is a fantastic company (Cupertino Plumbing), I received excellent service from Mario. We texted back and forth on various questions I had regarding my kitchen water filter system and the airgap line for my dishwasher; he was always responsive. My previous plumber walked into our home without putting on booties and was unorganized, but Mario always put booties on his shoes which I appreciated, he was knowledgeable, organized, did very high quality work, communicates well, smiled a lot and was happy, and is now my go to guy for all future plumbing needs. Mario is best plumber I’ve known.

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Cupertino Plumbing just replumbed our whole house and rebuilt our drainage system. They were efficient, communicative, and timely every day and went to great lengths to keep things clean and tidy. Every afternoon they would set expectations about the next day and every day they did what they say they would do which we very much appreciated. For big plumbing jobs they quality of workmanship and service can’t be beat.

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Cupertino Plumbing is not the cheapest out there. They are on the competitive or expensive side. The reason to call them is for their outstanding professionalism, and the fact that they have a lot of people who can be there really soon when you need them.


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Very good company. You can’t go wrong using this plumbing company for all your plumbing needs. No job too small. Their years of experience are very helpful in problem solving.

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