1. What to Know About Your Sump Pump

    A flooded basement is never fun, even if you have an unfinished basement. When a major rain storm hits, you will want to make sure that your home is protected and avoid your basement from flooding. That is where a sump pump comes in. A sump pump is designed to keep your basement from flooding, pumpi…Read More

  2. Signs You Need a New Water Heater

    Having access to hot water in a matter of seconds is one thing we all take for granted. We rarely consider how nice it is to have the ability to take a hot shower or wash our hands without freezing them off. Our hot water heaters provide us with one of the greatest things ever, and we don’t notice…Read More

  3. Plumbing Basics

    If you are reading this, it is likely that you are not a plumbing expert. Not everyone can be. But knowing how your plumbing works is important, whether you are a plumber or not. When you understand how your plumbing works, you will be able to perform maintenance and diagnose problems easier. While …Read More

  4. Plumbing Tricks That Can Save You Money

    There are many different methods you may use to save money around the house. From turning the heat or AC off while you are gone, to turning off lights in rooms that are not in use, there are many different ways to save a few extra bucks from month to month. Since Cupertino Plumbing is full of plumbi…Read More

  5. Things That Can Damage Your Plumbing

    Most of us are not expert plumbers, well our team is, but most homeowners don’t truly understand their plumbing and how to properly take care of it. You may try doing your own repairs, assume some issues are small enough to be ignored, and not realize just how fragile your plumbing system can be. …Read More

  6. Choosing Fixtures for Your Bathroom

    The bathroom in your home is your safe haven. This is the place you can retreat to be left alone for a period of time. This is the place where you get ready every morning, where you wash off the sweat from a hard day of work. This is a place to relax with a glass of wine and a good book. Have you ev…Read More

  7. Different Ways to Unclog a Drain

    Clogged drains are not an uncommon problem in a household. Whether your kitchen sink is clogged with food and other debris or your shower drain is clogged with hair and soap, it is likely you will deal with a clogged drain sometime in your life. Seeing the water backing up or noticing that your feet…Read More

  8. Items That Should Never Go Down Your Drain

    You may think your garbage disposal is a destroyer of all things. That it can disintegrate everything you throw at it with ease, keeping the inner-workings of your sink clean and clear of leftover food and debris. That mighty metal chopper in your sink may seem like the most powerful thing in your k…Read More

  9. The Most Common Plumbing Problems

    Nothing in life is perfect — not your job, not your family, and certainly not your home. Your home goes through wear and tear as your family lives it in. It is only natural. Slowly pieces of your home will begin falling apart and needing repair or replacement. One part of your home that will see n…Read More

  10. About Our Company and Services

    There are a few things most people take for granted in their daily life — their vehicle, the coffee maker, a fridge that keeps the food cold, air conditioning and heating, and running water. While we know humans take a lot more for granted, these are a few of the main things that come to mind. Plu…Read More