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What to Do if Your Roof Plumbing Vent is Clogged

plumber san jose, plumbing company san joseDid you know there’s a vent on your roof that can affect how well water and waste flows through your home? The roof plumbing vent regulates air pressure in the drain pipe. Because air pressure is critical to the flow of waste water through the sewage pipe, any blockages in the plumbing vent can cause your toilets to drain slowly and even result in a buildup of foul sewage gas in your home. If you notice slow-draining toilets, gurgling sounds in your pipes, or foul sewer odors in your home, a clogged plumbing vent may be to blame.

If you’re comfortable and confident working on your roof, go up and look inside the roof vent (you may need to remove the top plug). Put on work gloves and remove any debris at the top of the vent, such as leaves or nests. You can also spray water down the vent to remove any debris that is clogging the vent. If this doesn’t solve the problem, or if you aren’t comfortable going up on your roof, contact a plumbing services provider in San Jose, CA to inspect, clean, and repair your plumbing vent or determine what else is causing your plumbing issue.

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